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Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

WELMA 20 electric drive

Вэлма 10

Electric drive is an integral part of the compressor designed for helium compression in the customer's process lines.

The product comprises of electric motor and frequency converter.

The electric motor is a synchronous electric machine with excitation from high-coercivity permanent magnets. The motor housing is mounted on the compressor unit. The compressor’s impeller is installed on the motor shaft. Motor cooling is combined (stator is cooled by liquid, rotor is cooled by gas). Rotor supports are air foil bearings.

The frequency converter  ensures start and operation in the set mode of the electric motor. The product is controlled from the operator panel or via digital data link (RS-485 ModBus RTU).

WELMA 20 main parameters and dimensions:

Operational power, kW 20
Number of phases 3
Electrical efficiency (without rotor friction losses) at maximum power 96%
Minimum rotor speed, rpm 10 000
Operating rotor speed, rpm 28 600
Maximum rotor speed, rpm 30 100
Maximum dimensions(LxWxH), mm 515x403x470
Max. mass of electric motor, kg 95
Сlimatic version according to GOST 15150-69 NF4
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