Rotors and high-speed electric machines

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Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

Consideration of high mechanical loads and need to ensure vibration resistance in all operation modes:

1. Arrangement.

2. Rotor construction and materials:

2.1Magnetic system:
- magnets,
- fastening materials,
- assembly technology ;

2.2 Sleeves:
- Sleeve materials: composite materials, titanium alloys, nickel alloys
- manufacturing and assembly technology of

2.3 Bearing trunnions;

2.4 rotor surface;

2.5 structural elements.

3. Design solutions to provide necessary parameters of rigidity, damping, and ultimate bearing stress

4. and other arrangements.

Measures to reduce losses (increasing efficiency) and arrange heat removal:

1. Analysis of thermal processes and constructive heat removal solution.

2. Use of proprietary magnetization technology and control of magnetic systems parameters.

3. Decrease in the number of poles pairs.

4. Use of noncontact or special supports:
- GDB - gas dynamic foil bearings:
- selection of antifriction coatings for trunnions and foils;
- magnetic bearings – PMB and AMB.

5. Use of soft magnetic materials with low specific losses for laminated cores of stator, AMB stator and rotor parts.

6. Use of three-phase and multi-phase windings;

7. Low heating and better cooling conditions.

Power and control electronics. Research and test benches of Research and Production Company “ERGA”:

1. Variable frequency drive in motor mode.

2. The need to switch electric generator current (rectifier - inverter).

3. The need to combine starter and generator modes (for microturbine units).

4. Stand alone or parallel with the grid operation of the electric generator.

5. Instrumentation and controls: speed sensor, rotor position sensors, temperature sensors.

6. AMB (active magnetic bearing) control unit: sensors, controllers; development of control algorithms considering rotor dynamics in various operation modes.

7. The need for modeling, research and bench testing.

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