Aerospace industry

About company
Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

WELMA is in demand for application in vehicles, especially in aerospace industry, where improved weight and dimensional characteristics, operation in aerodynamic or vacuum conditions and high efficiency are required.

Link of power, rotation speed and stator bore diameter for WELMA synchronous PM-excited high-speed electric machines, with an internal rotor, depending on linear circumferential rotor speed. The region of WELMA high-speed electric machines of small and medium power (5 .. 300 kW) is shaded.High-tech WELMA products can be used for aircraft electrification concept both in auxiliary systems and power plants.

Our generator is a part of the project "Creation of a transport power module based on a megawatt class nuclear power propulsion system". Within the framework of this project, the Transport and Power Module is developed as a multi-purpose vehicle for working in space, both in Earth orbits and on other trajectories. In the future it is planned to launch the payload into orbits or send it to other celestial bodies with its help.