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Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

Research and Production Company “WELMA” offers rotors with a wide range of characteristics, designs and dimensions capable to withstand high mechanical and temperature loads.

WELMA specialists have developed a unique production technology for this complex research-intensive product. The main differences between the magnetic rotors produced by "WELMA" from the rotors of conventional designs are application of rare earth magnetic systems and use of sleeves made of various materials - superalloys, titanium alloys and composite materials. Permanent magnet rotor does not have an excitation winding, the rotor poles are defined by PM orientation. "WELMA" manufactures customized rotors based on high-energy permanent magnets taking into consideration specific features of the tasks and additional requirements of our customers.

Ротор на постоянных магнитах Вэлма Ротор на постоянных магнитах Вэлма
  • PM rotors have several advantages over similar products:
  • The developed and manufactured products have high performance characteristics thanks to the use of permanent magnets;
  • capability to operate in the most rigorous operating conditions: at high temperatures, in chemically aggressive environment and even in vacuum;
  • Permanent magnet rotors simplify the design of motors and reduce the noise produced by them;
  • Permanent magnet rotors reduce power consumption and ensure high efficiency values.

Control of rotor magnetic system magnetization when magnetizing rotor assembly

The main direction of development of electromechanical devices is currently focused on the search and development of new magnetic rotor designs and their corresponding manufacturing methods. The use of rare-earth magnets (neodymium-iron-boron and/or samarium-cobalt) provides excellent magnetic properties of rotors with their low weight and compact dimensions, which is especially important for WELMA high-speed electric machines on foil gas dynamic bearings.

The physical parameter for increasing the limit maximum speed is the set of properties of materials from which the rotor parts are made, first of all permanent magnets and sleeves of magnetic systems.

"WELMA" produces serial magnetic rotors and jointly develops customized products.

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