Rotors and high-speed electric machines

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Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

WELMA high-speed electric machines for dual mode operation as motors and generators.

In the modern world design and application of high-speed electric machines (HSEM) is one of the priority areas in development of power engineering and machine building. Of all the variety of electric machines the most energy-efficient and promising ones are high-speed reversible electric machines with permanent magnet rotors.

Research and Production Company "WELMA" has been developing, manufacturing, bench testing, servicing and repairing high-speed electric machines for more than 10 years. High-speed generators and engines produced under WELMA trademark can be widely used in electric power industry, cryogenic systems, automobile and shipbuilding and aircraft construction.

WELMA high-speed electric generators and motors can be equipped with a power electronics set.

Link of power, rotation speed and stator bore diameter for WELMA synchronous PM-excited high-speed electric machines, with an internal rotor, depending on linear circumferential rotor speed. The region of WELMA high-speed electric machines of small and medium power (5 .. 300 kW) is shaded.

"WELMA" develops and manufactures customized WELMA high-speed electric generators and electric motors with required performances.

Advantages of synchronous WELMA permanent magnet electric machines:

  • Simple design, which is explained by the absence of rotor field winding and sliding contact (for machines with electromagnetic excitation contact system);
  • Compact sizes and light weight (this advantage increases with a decrease in machine power);
  • Fewer losses and, consequently, higher efficiency due to reduced losses for excitation and friction in sliding contact (for machines with electromagnetic excitation contact system);
  • Advanced robustness due to the absence of sliding contact and excitation winding;
  • No need in DC power supply;
  • Eco-friendliness in use (minimum noise).

WELMA high-speed electric machines features:

  • Gearless drive for operation with turbine and compressor wheels;
  • Priority of noncontact bearing use;
  • Possibility of “dry” (oil-free) design due to application of noncontact (gas or magnetic) bearings;
  • Smaller HSEM sizes – better mass/volume characteristics.
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