About company
Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

Since 2007 Research and Production Company “ERGA” has been developing, manufacturing and providing service of high-speed permanent magnet synchronous electric machines and power electronics, as well as repairing high-speed machines of foreign manufacture.

Research and Production Company "ERGA" traces its history back to 1991, when Mr. Kotunov focused on production of rare-earth permanent magnets and magnetic systems for special purposes.

Nowadays the plant occupies over 25 m2, over 10 m2 of which are indoor production facilities. In 2007 large-scale re-equipment of production sites was completed, a modern high-capacity line for rare-earth permanent magnet production was commissioned.
In 2018 a new workshop and a 3-storey building of the design bureau and electronics department were opened. In 2019 WELMA project was registered as a separate legal entity: WELMA LLC.

The company's own scientific and technological potential enables ERGA to develop effective solutions of complex engineering tasks in the field of electric machines and power electronics within short time, which often have no analogues both in Russia and abroad. Active scientific research allows the company not only to improve and expand the range of its main products but also to participate in unique federal -scale projects, in particular, in the projects of the Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) and “Skolkovo” Innovation Centre.

For implementation of WELMA project permanent rare-earth magnets based on SmCo and NdFeB are manufactured. A separate engineering group was organized, a workshop was built and a research laboratory equipped with test benches for both WELMA serial models and unique customized electric machines was created.

The quality management system of the company is confirmed by ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

WELMA is the leading activity of Research and Production Company “ERGA”, which includes research, design, development, production, testing of WELMA high-speed electric machines.


  • R&D activities related to design of WELMA high-efficiency electrical machines and powerelectronics by a team of professionals comprised of designers, material engineers, technologists, electrical and electronics engineers and programmers;
  • All stages of development of new WELMA machine: from selection of raw materials and computer simulation of the main assemblies and modes prior to research and bench testing;
  • Pilot production with modern equipment and test benches for bringing R&D to industrial prototype and batch production.