About company
Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.

The production of WELMA high-speed electric machines is concentrated on 8000 sq. meters of production facilities. The company employs over 200 people.

The enterprise has advanced metal-cutting and testing equipment necessary for solving problems in the production and testing of WELMA products. The important point in manufacture of WELMA high-speed electric machines on permanent magnets is that the quality control department performs incoming inspection of all materials arriving at the company warehouse.

The company implements ISO 9001quality management system.

Specialized production equipment and professional staff of the company enable manufacture of a wide range of machines:

  • WELMA High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generator,
  • WELMA High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor,
  • Permanent Magnet Rotors for High-Speed Machines,
  • Power Electronics and other devices.

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