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Our company profile is design, manufacture, maintenance service and repair of high-speed electric machines.
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WELMA provides repair and maintenance service of high-speed electric machines, turbogenerators and rotors of foreign and domestic manufacture.

In case of the product failure highly qualified ERGA specialists in accordance with the diagnostic results determine and agree with the customer the amount of required repair work and a list of parts to be replaced. Diagnostics is carried out as per the latest procedures with high-precision equipment. The main works included in repair of AC high-speed electric machines are:

    The main works implied by AC high-speed electric machines repair are the following:

    Availability of own research laboratory allows the company not only to optimize the model range of its own products, but also to conduct high-quality repairs of expensive high-speed generators of foreign production at optimal prices. Each repaired product undergoes a check of all the main parameters for compliance with established norms, standards and technical requirements. Upon your call our service specialists provide professional support to resolve issues of any level quickly, efficiently and on time. The professional-ism of our employees is backed by continuous improvement of their level of training. ERGA is located in a convenient place from the point of transport accessibility and is always ready to accept products for repair and maintenance from remote regions.