WELMA is a synchronous reversible contactless electric machine with permanent magnets with a power electronics module based on a frequency converter.

The selected technical solutions allow for creating compact and powerful products under WELMA trademark, with capability of efficient operation in the speed range from 0 to 120 000 rpm.


  • WELMA reversible machine is designed to operate both in the mode of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator mode) and in the mode of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy of rotation (motor mode);
  • A synchronous electric machine with excitation from high coercivity permanent magnets provides higher performance (efficiency) compared to other types of electric machines;
  • Thus, permanent magnet synchronous electric motors have better performance characteristics than other electric motors. In practice this is used where a smooth, gapless torque, compact sizes and control accuracy are needed;
  • The absence of a brush-collector assembly with a sliding contact and excitation winding ensures lower friction losses, possibility of higher rotor speeds, improved weight and dimensions, and increased reliability of the electric machine.

WELMA synchronous electric machine is designed to operate as part of a test bench, compressor or micro-gas turbine unit. The product is controlled from the operator panel or via a digital communication channel (RS-485 ModBus RTU).

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